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I developed a preference for Oldtimers – specifically from the '50s – already as a young man. I liked the body forms the designers dreamed up in those years.

First BugMy first car – an old orange colored VW 1200 (Standard Bug) from 1972 – formed the 'nucleus' of my currently existing Car Park. Other bugs from the '70s followed and finally also the Kübelwagen.

Many people wonder about so many cars. One really can't drive them all at once! But then you own many CD you can't play all at once either. Besides, every car serves a different purpose, just like a person owns several pairs of shoes for different occasions.

By the way: I have never had a modern car! And it will remain that way. Because I think, new cars are not user-repair friendly, are ugly and expensive and above all lack a soul.

VW 181 (K�belwagen)
    The touring car

1. VW 181 (Kuebelwagen)

Year built: 1976.
My roadster and travel car (Portugal, Alps, Turkey, Libya…) Converted to swing axle, limited slip differential, raised, extra tank, Cyclone-air filter, metal sand collector, reinforced bumpers etc. Unfortunately the body is somewhat bent after an accident in Libya.

VW Transporter T2
      The stylistically pure work horse

2. VW Transporter T2

Year built: 1979,
The "large transporter", purchase price DM 50 (€ 25). It was ready for scarp, but received an extensive restoration in the spring of 1996. The lower 30 cm of the body had to be soldered almost all the way around with 90 new pieces of metal up to 1.5 meters long. Since then I hate cars with a self-contained body even more…

VW 181 (K�belwagen)
  The 'gilded' Kuebelwagen

3. VW 181 (Kuebelwagen)

Year built: 1970.
My black-white Sunday-Kuebel. Extensively restored in the winter of 1997/98 including the removal of the body. Actually owned and driven by my brother since summer 2002.

VW 1200 Export (Bug)
   The Oldie-Bug

4. VW 1200 Export (Bug)

Year built: 1960.
Re-imported from Italy in 1993, had been set aside for 26 years and therefore fabulously preserved. It was carefully restored in part in 1993-95; almost solder free, rust free, has primarily first coat of lacquer, extensive rare add-ons, working semaphores.

Also see for the Oldie-Bug-Gallery in the "entertainment" section.

VW 1300 Ex-Automatic
   The Winter Bug

5. VW 1300 Ex-Automatic (Bug)

Year built: 1969.
I converted it for a Rally-entry once, body-wise a Kuebelwagen, Gearbox, shifting and engine-wise a 1600/50 PS motor. Because of cost, time and lack of purchase interest in the Tuning area, I now use it as my winter car. The body is really not terrific. But it still undergoes regular thorough rust removal! And in order to survive the cold winter months I installed standard gas heating. After all everyone is a bit of a wimp...

Wartburg 311 de Luxe
  The Oldtimer

6. Wartburg 311 de Luxe

Year built: 1959.
I have always liked the Oldtimers from the '50s. After the 1989 fall of the 'iron curtain' the opportunity existed to buy well maintained cars at the lowest prices (here: DM 400/€ 200) – why not in form of a Wartburg?

Also see for the Wartburg-Gallery in the "entertainment" section.

Saporoshez 968 S
  The Exotic one

7. Saporoshez 968 S

Year built: 1973.
I am particularly weak when it comes to unusual cars. As more than the Kuebelwagen this Ukrainian compact qualifies with a rear air-cooled V4-engine and a dashboard in Cyrillic letters. First, no one really drives such a car and secondly, improvising and experimenting is fun since replacement parts are almost non-existent here.


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