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When I was just 2 years old in 1969, a new cow barn with hay storage above was constructed on the property of the farming family Rieger on Moorenweiser Street in Tuerkenfeld. At first the barn was used for as intended for cows and hay storage. But that would change 21 years later.

First car painted goldOne year after getting my driver's license in 1987 I bought my first car: a 1972 VW 1200 (Standard Bug) in terrible condition, but exciting! I later re-lacquered it in a gold tone. More bugs and other makes followed i.e. an "Opel Kadett B", Oldsmobile 98, Wartburg 311. I still own the latter. Finally in 1993 I purchased the first Kuebelwagen (VW 181) and later in 1996 a large pick-up for transportation reasons. Read more about my Car Park as well.

As known, farming has been on the decline for decades and so in 1990 the cow barn was converted into a hobby workshop area and rented to a screw shaft cooperative of which I was and still am a member.

Ralf workingI have used the loft above the private workshop since 1994 for storage and the content has expanded continually due to excessive (VW) parts collecting. In the meantime several intermediate floors had to be constructed and a nearby hall rented to gain more space – now a total of 600 sq. meters – for the many rare and not so rare parts and vehicles.

In 1993 I successfully completed my IT-studies and faced competition with equally qualified job hunters in the booming information technology job market. I did a lot of reading during the next several months (job ads), talked on the telephone (with personnel managers) and drove a lot (to interviews); to no avail. Finally in 1995 I decided to take the consequential step of making a part of my hobby my profession: dealing in spare parts for air-cooled VWs.

Soon I learned the demand was enormous, particularly for Kuebelwagen parts. Since my own personal interests centered on the VW 181 (Kuebelwagen) it was easy to concentrate on this vehicle type. Whereby I did not neglect the Bug and Bus! My next aim is to start dealing in Type 3 parts. The demand is there and thanks to the building block system I already have many suitable parts in stock.

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