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Ralf with toolMy company philosophy is based on high demands of quality and service.
In addition to high value quality replacement parts, I offer reproductions when they are deemed useable. I only sell parts, which I would put into my own vehicles! Other dealers offer cheap reproductions, often without the necessary information.

I offer competent and friendly advice, ship only quality assured parts, call you to clarify ambiguities and offer an excellent exchange and return policy. And yet I try to remain within a reasonable price range.

But quality has its price! If you just want to get the item cheaply and the rest doesn't matter, you'll have to look for a different dealer.

I stock the most important new parts and especially used parts for the Bug and Bus. I can obtain many other parts "on short notice." My stock of parts for the VW 181 (Kuebel) is almost limitless and expands continually particularly in parts, which I myself have commissioned for reproduction.

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