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Parts inquiry or parts order

Please study the adequate parts catalogs (VW 181, Bug, Bus) first and the Terms and Conditions. Both can be found under Dealing in VW-Parts.

Then simply fill out the fields and click Send. Upon receipt of your inquiry I will contact you and quote prices, options and conditions.

Please use the other form for general contact. Only parts inquiries and orders here!

"Inquiry" or definite order?

Please indicate whether it is a binding order or an inquiry for spare parts. With all inquiries I will contact you before shipping any parts. In either case, please study the current parts catalogs and the Terms and Conditions first!

definite order*:
only an inquiry*:

This is my car

The more details you can give about the car for which the parts will be used, the better. And: No, I do not distribute parts for Golf (Rabbit), Scirocco (Dasher), etc.!

VW Bug:
or VW 181 (Thing/Kuebel):
or VW-Transporter/Bus:
or other air-cooled VW:
Year built/first registration date:
Vehicle identification number:
Engine ID-letter:

Shipping Options

Choose this only for orders! More shipping information can be found under Terms and Conditions. The price and delivery time make a difference. If in doubt, choose 'Doesn't matter'.

Deutsche Post AG:
UPS (United Parcel Service):
it does not matter:

Payment Options

Choose this only for orders! More information on payment options can be found under Terms and Conditions. In the case of pre-payment, please wait for confirmation of the invoiced amount before sending payment! If in doubt, choose COD. When choosing Credit Card, please enter the type of card and card number (and expiration date, and name as it appears on the card).

Cash on delivery (COD):

via credit card:

Your data will be transmitted by e-mail. For security reasons you might want to send credit card information by fax (+49 / 8193 / 95 02 27) or by phone (+49 / 8193 / 99 91 27)

Credit card number:
Expiration date:

Desired Parts

Exact description of desired part/parts. List each part separately.


Additional information

Here you can send along other helpful information, if you'd like.


Personal Data

When placing an order, Name, Telephone number and e-mail address are required fields. The order will not be sent without this information.

Phone 1*:
Phone 2:

Sales Conditions

The part catalogs and Terms and Conditions should give you all necessary sales, payment and shipping information. It saves both parties time and effort.

I know the parts catalogs and I read the Terms and Conditions.

* Name, e-mail-address and telephone number are mandatory fields. You can't send the form without!

All parts inquiries are transmitted by e-mail. I will start processing your inquiry as soon as possible and then contact you. Your information is kept confidential.

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