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Desktop Backgrounds (wallpapers)

Choose a design for your PC desktop from the following pictures. The instructions for creating desktop backgrounds are for Windows PCs (Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, etc.)

This is how:

Your screen resolution is automatically recognized. Click on the desired subject and the picture is displayed in the size compatible with your monitor. Right click on the picture and select "save Background as". The chosen subject is automatically adjusted as background image. FYI: You can also mail the desktop subjects as digital postcards!

Tip: The writing on the desktop icons will have a better look and feel to them if you change the color of your desktop to match the design (i.e. black for the rims), this is how it is done: Right click on desktop, "Properties", "Appearance", "Item = Desktop" and change the color field i.e. to black.

Remove Background, change Picture

Minimize or close all open windows for a clear view of your desktop. Right click on desktop and select Properties from the popup menu. A small window appears, where you select Background. Click on one to remove current desktop settings or simply choose a different background from the list.

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