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My VW 1200 Export (Standard Bug) built 1960 is a rare and absolute treasure. You will find additional information about the Oldie Bug at the end of the page.

Click on a picture to open the gallery in a new small window. All pictures are approximately 30KB in size and therefore need a little time to load.

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Information about the Oldtimer bug

The Bug was re-imported from Italy in 1993. For 26 years it was mostly parked in a shed in Tuscany and thus beautifully preserved. Solder free, hardly rust, and the majority of the interior and lacquer is original.

Careful partial restoration consisted of a lot of vacuuming, some rust removal, a little soldering, replaced one or two rubber elements and installed the 'right' 30 horse-power motor! All metal pieces except for the running boards and 70% of the lacquer are still the original!

And the extensive add-ons are also still original and in part rare: shift gear lock, fuel gauge stick, electro magnetic engine lid lock, user manual, automobile road atlas, and fire extinguisher from the fifties, etc.

And the best is that the semaphores are working again! Because of street traffic laws they blink, originally they just lit up. And since this bug was built before 1970 it is recognized as an Oldtimer. For that reason seat belts are not even required. Until now a windshield washer and fuel gauge indicator have not yet been installed!

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