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of air-cooled Volkswagen

You can send digital postcards here. Choose a design, enter information and off goes your mail...

Choose a subject and enter the name and e-mail address of the recipient. E-mail is automatically sent with directions to a specific web page, where the recipient can view the postcard. It can be accessed for 4 weeks from the sending date. This is how:

1 choose a postcard

Click on the field below the subject of your choice. Click on the photo itself and a window opens with a larger view of the subject. Soon there will be more subject choices!

60's Oldie-Bug


Wreck of VW-Bus

Muddy tire


Where's the thing?

Some of the postcards are also available as desktop backgrounds for your PC!

2 Enter information

Enter the necessary information on the form. Your information is definitely secure. I don't re-sell the addresses and will never bother you with unsolicited spam-mail!
Click on the field to receive an automatic notification when the recipient picks up the post card.

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Mark this field if you'd like a confirmation once the receiver picks up his postcard.

3 Preview postcard

You can preview the post card before sending it. Click on Preview, the card is displayed exactly as the recipient will see it. Clear Entries erases all information entered in the fields!


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Pick up a postcard?

Enter the ID-number given in your E-mail and click "pick up".


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