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If you want to know which parts I have available for different vehicles, please download the adequate catalog for free. Keep in mind that I only have parts for air-cooled VWs, therefore no Passat (Dasher) or Golf (Rabbit) or other "late" VWs!

Alternatively you can have the catalogs sent to you as Word documents by e-mail. Or you can order the printed catalog at minimal cost and have it by regular mail (see bottom of page).

Ralfs part catalogs – priced in Euro

Please notice that the catalogs are in German language! The prices are in Euro (need a currency converter?). My catalogs refer to the page and image numbers found in the official VW-picture catalogs. So you should be able to use my catalogs even if you don't understand German.

I know most parts by its English name but presently it is simply too much work to handle bilingual catalogs. Just ask if you are looking for a certain part and can't find it in the catalog!

VW Beetle/Bug catalog

Beetle/Bug picture catalog
Thanks to "Classic Parts"!

  VW 181 Thing/Trekker/Safari catalog
181 picture catalog
Thanks to the "Kübel-Klub"!
  VW-Bus T1 catalog
Bus picture catalog
Thanks to "Michael Knappmann"!
  VW-Bus T2 catalog
Bus picture catalog
Thanks to "Michael Knappmann"!

Hint: Click the link with the right mouse button and choose "save target as...". Then save it directly to your harddrive. If you simply click the link the Acrobat Reader launches immediately (if installed).

Timeliness of the Parts Catalogs

The catalogs are updated approximately every three months. But actually all catalogs are never really "out-of-date."

Word and PDF-Format

The catalogs are originally word documents, which I am making available to download as PDF-Files.

PDF means "Portable Data Format" and has been developed by Adobe. The original file is "printed" into a PDF file, which means it will be viewable the exact way it would appear in print.

The Acrobat Reader is necessary to view PDF-files. Unfortunately it is quite large concerning file size: roughly 9 Megabytes. Downloading with a 56.6K-Modem will take aproximately 25 miutes. You also find this software on many cover CD-ROMs on internet magazines.

Ordering Printed Parts-Catalogs

Kataloge gegen BriefmarkenYou can order a printed version of the parts catalogs from me. The catalogs have become rather extensive over time so I request a fee for printing and postage.

Please contact me for detailed information about costs for shipping inside and outside of Germany (don't forget to specify where you want the catalogs mailed to).

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